Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Information is the most valuable asset a company has. Various legislation and regulation requires different time periods for which documentation has to be kept. Some documentation is required to be kept for only a year and others indefinitely. Using modern, sophisticated equipment, we scan and index your historical paper to enable you to comply with these Acts by being able to reproduce the scanned paper within a reasonable amount of time. The ability to reproduce important documentation within seconds will improve the efficiency in the workplace. The non-production of critical documentation can lead to corporate failure. The documentation is scanned in high resolution to ensure the integrity of the document's format and appearance is maintained.

We date stamp your scanned documents to enable you to destroy data which you no longer need. Once the back scanning is complete, we securely destroy your paper and provide you with a recycling compliance certificate.

Historical documentation incurs high storage costs and floor space which can now be replaced with a cheaper storage solution.

Document Management

Document ManagementWorking in a productive environment requires quick turnaround in paperwork and decision making.

No business wants a delay in accessing and processing data. The faster the proof of purchase is returned for invoicing, the faster the cash can be in the bank. We offer a state of the art document management system which files all documentation in a logical filing system that enables quicker access to data as well as the ability to use the data in a workflow process. Read more...

Process Automation

Process AutomationWe have addressed the age old frustration of not being able to complete a task due to the availability of people. With process automation, you are able to direct tasks to certain people and in their absence automatically reallocate the task. Alternatively a task can be scheduled to be automatically actioned at a future date thereby speeding up decision making and simplifying task management. Read more...